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on the complexities of air coniditioners [Jul. 2nd, 2001|11:31 pm]
[music |Lois - RSVP]

when i was working in chicago, just off the main street, in sweltering heat, they still managed to have a decent working silent air conditioning unit. perhaps it's because it's more a necessity over there, but does the one in my work have to emit a constant dull hum throughout the day? and does it have to lightly coat the wall with grey fur? probably not.

seeing as she got here first, i won't go into the trivialities of my day. although it did include public humiliation of myself in front of two nice-but-dim english girls. i don't know what it is about public humiliation that gets me so excited etc etc.

i am going to bed now. o sleep.
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2001|09:20 pm]
[music |mogwai - xmas steps]

getting woken up at approximately 5 in the morning by loud booming thunder is not a good thing. also, the fact that it was a sign that the good weather was finished was very depressing, especially as we only had 2 good days (2 good days, i might add, that i had to spend indoors working). why can't our weather system take more than that?

i want somebody to give me lots of money. i know money does not equal happiness but it would make my life so much easier. and would allow me to be able to travel through america, from boston to california (through chicago). i'd also have been able to have celebrated my results yesterday. i could have gone out, drank excessive amounts of alcohol, kissed the girl i like and laughed at other peoples misfortune with stella and her boyfriend G. we could've drank till 6 in the morning and when the sun finally decided to rise, me + juan could've walked to the top of the hill and screamed for a half hour, until some redneck hick (if any such people existed in ireland)
stepped out of his house and, all sleepy eyed and stuff. he would shoot a couple of rounds of his double-barrelled shotgun and tell us to 'quit yer hollering'. it would've been a laugh but instead a friend called down and called me an asshole and left. i deserved it, but it wasn't really my fault. kind of.
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it's a wonderful life... [Jun. 25th, 2001|03:55 pm]
[music |sparklehorse - piano fire]

this is me: i'm sitting at a computer on the fourth floor in trinity. my hands are shaking (sorry, kristen) and i can barely type. y'see, i just checked my exam results. it seems like i've been given another chance. i just barely passed (well, whatever a third is) but to be honest, it's about two grades higher than what i thought i'd get (an F2).

to all the people (ie, stella and G) who are going to say 'i told you so' i will gouge your eyes out with spoons. i was so convinced that i was going to fail that i immediately checked the list of four people who failed and got confused when i didn't see my examination number. i then looked at the list of thirds and stood there with my mouth open for a good 30 seconds or so.

now i'm getting that horrible feeling that perhaps i mischecked (if such a word exists). i can't go back up as i already made a fool out of myself with the secretary.

i can't wait to see the face on my german bitch lecturer when she sees me coming into her class first day of term. hurrah for me (em, i don't usually congratulate myself, but i kind of deserve it).
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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2001|07:32 pm]
[music |radiohead - i could be wrong]

despite being in work for the better part of today, it was a glorious day, so so sunny. if i closed me eyes i could be in chicago. kind of.

tonight i get to see my friend dj in one of the worst bars in dublin, the international bar. it should be funny, if nothing else.

i'm tired, but i won't let that interfere with having fun ...
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2001|11:13 pm]
[music |Jim O'Rourke - halfway to a threeway]

i really shouldn't watch films like the virgin suicides, not in the state i'm in right now. my exam results are actually out right now, but i think i'll wait until monday to find out that i failed yet again. perhaps i'll finally get down to deciding what i'm going to do with my life, stranger things have happened (but not much stranger).

we've had those recycling collection routes around here for quite some time now, but i've never actually seen them collecting the rubbish (to the point where i was getting a little suspicious) ... up until today, that is. the garbagemen (if you could call them that) are so different to the ordinary (dirty) ones that come on monday. they wear sunglasses and look like Jude Law clones and instead of grunting they smile and say hello. although it was very sunny today, which would explain why they were so happy and also why i saw everything through rose tinted glasses ...

work tomorrow. i get to spend the whole day with R, which has both its good points (spending the day with R) and its very very bad ones (the actual work).
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2001|12:48 pm]
does anybody know what's the deal with 'private' entries? can any of my friends view my private entries? because i updated last night with something under 'private', but now i'm worried that other people will be able to view it.
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summer here kids ... [Jun. 15th, 2001|03:23 pm]
i got a job and it's sunny outside. i'm happy. a strange feeling, considering what was going through my head this morning. anyway, here's a list of my favourite summer albums. some are case specific (to particular summers) and some are just happy and fun and summer-y:

*pixies - surfer rosa
*sugar - copper blue
*jim o'rourke - eureka (+ halfway to a threeway ep)
*the afghan whigs - gentlemen
*the smiths - the queen is dead (no, really)

em, i was sure there'd be more. but apparently not. i'm also not including various mix tapes certain friends made, because they're not technically albums (actually they're not albums in any sense of the word).
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2001|09:56 am]
[music |yo la tengo "cherry chapstick"]

okay. i should've done this a long long time ago (ie, around a month before my exams started) and even though i finish on friday, i'm going to do this anyway: i'm going to stop updating this journal. i don't feel like i can be totally honest here, and there's always the fear of it reflecting a self-obsession that's unhealthy. if i can't even act normally around my friends in person what chance do i have around here? i'm going to leave it open so that i can check up on my lj friends, but it's basically dead.

having said that, i'll probably update come friday.

oh, i went to see Pearl Harbour on Monday night. don't ever EVER go and see it: it lasts three hours and despite its name (Pearl Harbour) it also details a revenge attack by the Americans on Tokyo. by the end of the film, you're just wishing all the main characters would die, so that it would have to end. however, the person i went with made up for the whole experience, but not quite enough.

i can't get a therapy? song out of my head. it's the one off troublegum, but i can't remember the name. it's the one where he says something about "i see you without me ... i don't think you'd understand" and shouts alot. this is strange because i haven't actually listened to troublegum for something like 4 years now.

exams re-begin tomorrow. this is it for me.
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(no subject) [May. 26th, 2001|09:27 pm]
[music |pixies - vamos]

"we'll keep well bred
we'll be well fed
we'll have all sons
they will be all well hung"
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(no subject) [May. 26th, 2001|09:15 pm]
i heart perrin/duling's book on the new testament. if i actually did well/pass my paul exam, they are personally responsible and should be given awards or something. except one of them's dead. i can't remember which one.

could someone please explain to me what 'flaming' is? that is, 'flaming' in a computer sense. because apparently i'm guilty of it. and i didn't even know.

i'm tired, but strangely i don't feel guilty about going out last night, despite me being in the middle of my exams. this possibly has something to do with a certain person, who shall remain nameless, that i spent most of the night talking to. but talking is all we did. and walking. we walked a hell of alot.
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